Dr. Sabah Hamad al-Sabah al-Binali is an active investor and entrepreneurial leader, with a track record of financing, building and growing companies in the Mena region.

He has held several senior positions in the finance industry including Chief Investment Officer of  and CEO of Credit at Shuaa Capital, founding CEO and CIO of Saffar Capital and Head of the Treasury and Investment Division at Union National Bank.

Dr. al-Binali has also held several board positions including Vice Chairman of Gulf Finance Co., Chairman of Gulf Installments Co., Vice-Chairman of Shuaa Capital Saudi Arabia, Director of the Board at Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia, Chairman of Zawya as well as Director of the Board at Visa International CEMA Region.

He holds a Diploma in Company Direction from the UK Institute of Directors.

Dr. al-Binali received a Ph.D. from Columbia University,  dissertation title: Competitive Analysis of Risk-Taking and Valuation of Financial Derivatives, and a B.S.E  from Princeton University.

Dr. al-Binali’s detailed CV is available at his LinkedIn profile.

Twitter Feed: SabahALBINALI

Sabah al-Binali’s Musings aims to give its readers a deeper understanding of business, finance and investment issues in the Middle East, with particular focus on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Using logic as the foundation for the analysis, interpretation, synthesis and innovation Sabah al-Binali’s Musings brings challenges and issues to light and provides robust solutions resilient to errors in data and research, as well as the uncertainty of the economy.

Analysis refers to decomposing a problem into its constituent parts.

Interpretation refers to understanding each constituent part and how each affects the original problem.

Synthesis refers to combining the interpreted parts into a new understanding of the problem and providing insight greater than the sum of the individual interpretations.

Innovation refers to the development of materially improved solutions based on effective synthesis of the new interpretation.

Robust refers to solutions that remain effective in the face of uncertainty and under unforeseen circumstances.

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